Tax payments will no longer be taxing! Pay your taxes to KRA conveniently through GAB

Learn about our payment methods and advantages of paying through Gulf African Bank via iTAX

Paying your taxes through Gulf African Bank will enable you enjoy the following value added benefits:

  • Dedicated comprehensive iTax customer support
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Tax status inquiry support
  • Periodic Tax –related updates

Integrated Tax Management system (iTax) is a system that enables taxpayers to file returns electronically, make payments and enquire about their tax status online. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has partnership with GAB to enable taxpayers pay taxes at the branches through the iTax system.

How do I pay taxes using the iTax system?

Pay your taxes in the following simple steps

  1. Log onto the KRA website to complete the registration process.

2. Once you have successfully registered for iTax, you will follow the process below whenever making a tax payment

  • Visit the iTax page on KRA website and log in using your USER ID and PASSWORD
  • File your tax return and register the payment.
  • Upon successful registration of payment, a unique registration number (called e-slip number) will be generated.
  • Present the e-slip number to Gulf African Bank for payment – the bank will confirm validity and consistency of e-slip details and accept your tax payment if in order.
  • Upon payment, you will obtain a payment confirmation advice from the bank and your iTax details will be updated and confirmation sent to KRA on a real time basis. The advice provided by the Bank is final and sufficient proof of payment both to KRA and the tax payer. It is also possible to enquire about your payment status online from the KRA website to confirm that the details have been updated.

iTax FAQs

What is an e-slip?

An e-slip is an electronic ticket that contains the taxpayer’s details i.e. name, PIN number, amount of tax due.

For how long is an e-slip valid?

An e-slip is valid for seven (7) days from the moment it has been generated from the KRA website.

What if the e-slip is invalid?

If the e-slip is found to be invalid the customer has to go back to KRA website for another e-slip.

What are the modes of paying taxes under the iTax system?

Cash (This is applicable to both Gulf African Bank and non-Gulf African Bank customers).

Gulf African Bank Customers one can use their cheque but their A/Cs must be funded.

What does the customer get after paying tax at GAB?

The customer is provided with a receipt print out indicating that the taxes have been paid.

What are the charges for using iTax?

GAB will not charge for paying taxes under the iTax system.

What types of taxes are payable under iTax?

All domestics taxes are payable under the iTax system.

Gulf African Bank is an approved agent to collect the following taxes:

Corporation Tax, Withholding Tax, Income Tax Income Tax Main collection Account
VAT VAT main Collection Account
Sugar Development Levy Sugar Development Levy Collection Account
Excise Duty on Airtime Mobile Cellular Phone Collection Account
Stamp Duty Commissioner of Domestic Taxes-Stamp Duty
Excise Duty Domestic Excise Duty (Domestic) Collection Account
Land Rent Commissioner of Domestic Taxes – Land Rent
Turn Over Tax Commissioner of Domestic Taxes – TOT
PAYE Income Tax PAYE Account
Excise Duty on Financial Services Excise Duty Financial Services collection Account
Withholding VAT Withholding VAT Collection Account
Capital Gains Capital Gains Collection Account