Gulf African Bank - Annisaa Women's Account

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At Gulf African Bank we fully understand the financial needs for women; which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to design and package a unique product just for you. There are two fully fledged women centers - Eastleigh, Shariff center in Nairobi and Bondeni, Abdel Nasser Road in Mombasa. The Annisaa account!

  • Priority Service at the Annisaa centres and Annisaa Teller counters  at selected GAB branches

  • Exclusive instructional seminars conducted annually

  • Cheque book available

  • Discounts at select partner outlets

  • Free interim statement

  • Profit paid into account monthly, provided balance is maintained above Kshs.10,000

  • Free account to account cash transfer within Gulf African Bank

  • Access to our business finance and investment products.

  • Special  VISA ATM card

  • No Ledger Fees

  • No monthly fees

  • Free internal standing orders.

  • Minimum opening & operating balance of Kshs.1,000

  • Copy of National ID /Passport / Alien Certificate or refugee card

  • 1  Passport size photograph

  • Introduction letter/Copy of latest utility bill

  • Annisaa Virtual Tour