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Mr.Jamal Ali Al-Hazeem – Chairman
Jamal Ali Al-Hazeem, a veteran Banker with over 32 years’ experience, is a retired banker. His last job was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BMI Bank from May 2010 until December 2014. Today, Jamal serves on Board of Directors in Bahrain and outside Bahrain. He is also an advisor to a major investment house in Bahrain.Jamal was earlier the Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen - Bahrain having worked with the firm for 22 years before being appointed to theposition of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Economic Development Board (EDB) - Bahrain in 2000.

In his next role, Mr. Al-Hazeem worked in Kuwait with The International Investor until 2007 when he went back to Bahrain to take on the role of CEO of First Investment Bank, a $200 million Shari’ah-compliant investment bank headquartered in Bahrain. In addition to his position as the Chairman of Gulf African Bank, Jamal also serves as Board Member in a leading Kuwaiti contracting company KCPC, a leading Contracting company in Bahrain Nass Corporation, and is a Board Member of the third largest insurance company in Bahrain.

Mr. Ahmed Said Bajabeer Kenyan
Mr.Ahmed Said Bajaber (Kenyan)
Mr. Ahmed Said Bajaber is the Chief Investment Officer of Fadeed Commercial & Investment Company Limited in Saudi Arabia – in charge of African Investments. He has over 25 years experience and been involved in setting up large investment projects across the world.
He has also served on one of the investment boards of Citigroup Venture Capital Group (CVC). Is currently the Chairman of API Limited (Ethiopia), the largest Bio Diesel farm in the world.

Mr. Admassu Tadesse
Admassu Tadesse is the President and Chief Executive of PTA Bank, the Eastern and Southern Africa Trade and Development Bank, with Head Office in Bujumbura, Burundi, and regional offices in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mauritius. He was appointed in December 2011.
Previously, he was Executive Vice-President at the Development Bank of Southern Africa, responsible for international finance and corporate strategy, where he served for 10 years. Prior, he served as a project advisor and project evaluation specialist, with various international funds and organizations, as well as an economist and management consultant in Johannesburg, Windhoek and New York.

He has served on several boards, trusts and industry bodies, in Africa and internationally. He is currently Vice-Chairman of the African Association of Development Finance Institutions and a Non-Executive Director at Gulf Africa Bank and ZEP Reinsurance in Kenya, and GAIN and FISEA in Geneva and Paris. He holds an MSc from the London School of Economics, an MBA from Wits Business School, and post-graduate training in strategic banking, private equity and executive management at INSEAD, Harvard Business School and Euromoney.
He is the recipient of a number of honors, most recently the 2012 African Business Leader of the Year by the US Corporate Council on Africa in Washington DC. He has lived and worked internationally for over 35 years, in some ten countries across three continents, including South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Sudan, as well as the US, the UK, France and Canada. He is conversant in French and Arabic, and fluent in English and Amharic, his mother tongues.

Mr.Abdalla Abdulkhalik (Kenya)
Mr. Abdulkhalik is currently the Managing Director, Gulf African Bank. He brings over 25 years of work experience. He was previously with SAMBA Financial Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he last served as Assistant General Manager & Head of Western Region. Prior to that he worked at Citibank as assistant General Manager, Country Treasurer. Mr. Abdulkhalik holds an MBA from Washington International University. He is a certified Islamic Banker/Islamic Finance Institute-London. In addition he has attended various professional qualifications which include school of FX and Derivatives, Foreign Exchange Derivatives, advanced technical analysis among others. Previously, he has been part of special committee at Central Bank of Kenya and, a part time lecturer at Kenya School of Monetary Studies.

Nawaal Mohamed Salim (Kenya)
Nawaal Mohamed Salim is the first independent woman director on the Gulf African Bank’s board of Directors. She studied sociology and economics at the University of Nairobi. Nawaal worked in various state corporations before joining the Central Bank of Kenya where she served as the Branch Manager, Mombasa. She also served on the task force that drew up recommendations on rules and regulations to guide the Ministry of Mining. Nawaal has attended various local and international trainings on Leadership, Public Procurement and Corporate Governance. She currently sits on boards of two local schools in Mombasa, and is also the chairperson of Mbaraki Women’s Vision Self-Help Group.